Teshuva Writing Collective

Applications for the Teshuva-Writing Collective have closed.

SVARA’s Trans Halakha Project is assembling a collective of 10-12 trans writers and researchers who are working on authoring (individually or collectively) teshuvot that use the language of halakha to respond to questions about Jewish life and practice that emerge directly from trans people.

In 2022, we will be addressing she’elot (halakhic questions) related to *milah* (circumcision), *niddah* (practices that center menstruation), or another topic that members choose. We strongly encourage applications both from folks who have already begun or done substantial work related to one of these topics, as well as folks who are in the earlier stages of research and writing. Members of the Teshuva-Writing Collective will receive an opt-in $1000 stipend.

How can I participate?

Applications for this project are now closed. Members of the Teshuva Writing Collective will be announced in late May. Programming that relates to this work is forthcoming, and we also hope to share out the teshuvot towards the end of 2022!

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