Practicum Observation

Now that you’ve scheduled your practicum and are getting ready to start teaching (or are in the thick of it!), it’s time to think about your Practicum Observation. This is an opportunity to reflect on your teaching in SVARA’s method, to get feedback from Laynie or Mónica, and to bring attention to the areas of growth you’d like to focus on in mentorship and beyond.

Step 1: Once you’ve selected the dates & times of your bet midrash, share them with your faculty mentor + Laynie (if Laynie is your faculty mentor, just share your dates with them!). Make sure you include any necessary Zoom links!

Step 2: Laynie or Mónica will reach out to you to schedule two things: 1) a time to observe your bet midrash + 2) a 30-minute debrief session within 24 hours of the observation.

Step 3: Laynie or Mónica will join your bet midrash at the scheduled time! They’ll be on “mute” and have their video off, but they’ll be beaming love at you!

Step 4: After you teach, fill out this debrief guide. (Be sure you ‘make a copy’ of this doc!) Once you fill it out, send it to Laynie/Mónica. They’ll fill out an almost identical version. This guide will drive your post-bet midrash debrief.

Step 5: You and Laynie/Mónica will both share your filled-out guides with your mentor, and you’ll talk through them in your next mentorship session, focusing on the “next steps” section.