Winter Workshops

We will meet on Mondays from 12:30 – 2:30 PM ET for Winter Workshops!


Please bring your (Ho)Mo-Reh Derekh to all sessions, as well as the additional materials listed below.

January 11 – Hot Toddies #1 (Peer-Support & Practicum Debrief) | RECORDING (Passcode: 7r8565u$)

  • What you’ll need: Please come to this session with a real-life scenario (something that really happened!) that you’d like to unpack with your peers. This could be a challenging moment in your teaching, a moment you felt pushed, a moment where you’d like input and collaboration to think through how to approach it if/when it arises again.

January 18 – COMP Review & Exploring Pedagogic Beliefs

January 25 – Hot Toddies #2 (Peer-Support & Practicum Debrief) 

  • What you’ll need: If you didn’t share in the first round of “Hot Toddies,” please come to this session with a real-life scenario to share.

February 1 – Exploring Power & Positionality as Queer Bet Midrash Leaders w/ Guest Facilitator Pippi Kessler

February 8 – Open Space