Winter 2022 Syllabus

Thursdays, January 6 – February 24; 11:30 AM-1:30 PM ET | Zoom Link

Text: Masechet Ta’anit 2a/b


  • Text to prep in chevruta
  • Workshops 
  • Personal reflection activities

This winter, we’ll move through a unit of series of workshops and conversations that deepen our relationship to and understanding of COMP, create space for reflection and learning together about what we’re noticing in our teaching, and explore various facilitation and culture-creating dynamics together.

Chevruta Preparation

While we will not be learning Talmud together during this zman, y’all do have a text assignment for chevruta! This spring, we’ll head into our self-facilitated weekly shiur (stay tuned for more information about this fun adventure!), where we’ll be teaching each other the first sugya from Masechet Ta’anit. You can find a breakdown of the text with a place for you to sign up for the date you’d like to teach here. For now, you and your chevruta should prep the first sugya of Ta’anit (including the mishnah), through the word :פרנסה. You might need to schedule additional time to meet, or you might cover this material during your regularly scheduled chevruta. (If you have not received a Masechet Ta’anit and you need one, please contact Amir.)

Weekly Breakdown/Assignments

Shiur 1, January 6

Group Check-in & Intention Setting

Shiur 2, January 13

Hot Toddies #1

Shiur 3, January 20

Hot Toddies #2

Shiur 4, January 27

Creating Culture & Facilitating in *This* Moment

Shiur 5, February 3

Putting the ‘M’ in COMP

Shiur 6, February 10

Unpacking our Pedagogic Beliefs

Shiur 7, February 17

Facilitation Workshop

Shiur 8, February 24

Open Space / Bike Rack