Queer Talmud Camp

A gathering of queer folks, radicals, and seekers who come together for five days to immerse themselves in rigorous yeshiva-style learning in warm, loving, and joyful community.

At Queer Talmud Camp we build a vibrant learning space that celebrates queer culture, cultivates intergenerational relationships, and reveals the deeply rooted radical queerness of the Jewish tradition.

As we continue to navigate accessibility and COVID-19 concerns, our residential Queer Talmud Camp is on hiatus.

We are THRILLED to share that in August 2024, we will host Day Camps in five cities across the country. We will share details on COVID-19 precautions and accessibility in early June.

Stay tuned for all the details on Queer Talmud Day Camps! We can’t wait to see you!

In the meantime, relive the magic by checking out the videos below or digging into a sample camp schedule.

Two people embrace one another in a large open field. It is a sunny day and large green trees stretch out behind them. The face of one person is visible, and they are smiling as their arms wrap around the shoulders of the other person.