Teacher Training

In SVARA’s bet midrash, teaching centers around a practice of co-learning and drawing out the insights of others. By transparently demonstrating this model, learners are brought into a process with their teacher.

Fellows in our teacher-training programs emerge with a new lens through which to view the Talmud. They understand that Judaism’s approach to creating fully realized human beings requires them to be flexible in the face of rapid change.

Jhos Singer sits in the bet midrash. There is a volume of Talmud in front of him and he glances towards someone standing outside of the frame. Jhos is wearing a checkered button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows.

Our Fellows recognize the centrality of svara (moral intuition) as a tool to upgrade Jewish tradition, and nurture their students as active “players” toward a liberatory Jewish future.

Learn to Teach in the SVARA Method

Teaching Kollel

This two-year program combines intensive Talmud study with training in pedagogy and facilitation to equip teachers to model public learning in SVARA’s method.

Pedagogy Chaburah

 A rigorous seven-month learning opportunity for queer and trans rabbis and educators working in Jewish communities. This space nurtures those who are seeking to expand their pedagogical toolkits to include SVARA’s empowering (and traditionally radical) approach to teaching Talmud.

Talmud Pedagogy Project

A year-long fellowship for Hebrew College rabbinical students and rabbinical school alumni to become joyful, empathetic, inclusive, and rigorous teachers of Talmud.