There Is No Torah Except the Torah of Freedom

by Rabbi Mónica Gomery As I imagine many of you have, I’ve spent the week in alternating states of heartbreak, anger, and deep inspiration, as we live through a national uprising in support of the Movement for Black Lives. This past weekend, SVARA participated in Up All Night: Torah for Liberation and Revelation, a nation-wide […]

Hot Off the Shtender: Sheltering in Mishnah

by Rabbi Mónica Gomery A couple of weeks ago, I attended a poetry reading called Shelter in Poems, hosted by the Academy of American Poets. About 15,000 people were in attendance over an online streaming platform, as 25 writers and public figures each read aloud a favorite poem that has accompanied them throughout this time […]

Hot Off The Shtender: The Rabbis Have Our Backs

by Rabbi Mónica Gomery This week, as we all navigate a constantly shifting landscape of change, uncertainty, and global pandemic, SVARA began convening a daily Mishna Collective. It has been incredibly grounding to plug in daily to the diasporic SVARA learning community during such an overwhelming time. The opportunity to move slowly and methodically through […]