SVARA’S Teaching Kollel

SVARA’s Teaching Kollel is a two-year teacher education program designed to train a cadre of gifted, experienced educators, rabbis, activists, community leaders, and change-makers in both the SVARA method of teaching Talmud and the creation of radical bet midrash-centered communities of Jewishly rooted, svara-dik learners around the world.

SVARA’s Teaching Fellows will emerge with a new lens through which to view the Talmud, the bet midrash setting, the pedagogy of Talmud teaching, the teacher-student relationship—and the Jewish tradition itself. Over the course of two years, Fellows gain the skills and experience to allow them to upend the educational power dynamics of all-too-many conventional Jewish educational settings, shifting the focal point from teacher to learner, and the bet midrash environment to one of crisp, critical pedagogy, clear methodology, rigor, empowerment, and transformation.

SVARA’s Teaching Kollel is training and supporting a new generation of queer and trans teachers and leaders who are making empowering and transformative experiences of Talmud study as a traditionally radical spiritual practice accessible to all.

Learn more about the Teaching Kollel here and get to know Cohort 1 & 2 here!

Want to know more?! Write to Laynie Soloman, SVARA’s Director of National Learning.

This fellowship is generously supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation.